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  • Medical evaluations of children in the Kobardanga and Sunderbans (aimed at detection of serious diseases that require going to hospital and treating milder conditions)

  • Training course for homeopaths in the Sunderbans.

  • Kobardanga vaccination campaign.

  • Detection of oral problems and dental practices.

  • Stopping visual problems and accompanying to eye doctor visits.

  • Monitoring special cases.

  • Hygiene educational activities aimed at children.

  • Health classes in the Kobardanga and Sunderbans aimed at teachers.


  • Medical graduates (students preparing MIR), nurses (students preparing EIR)

  • Average-Fluent English level

  • Availability to stay 1 month and a half in the project


  • The working week in India is Monday to Saturday.

  • The work schedule is tailored to the needs of the organization.

  • The Association will provide information on accommodation in Kolkata.

  • Work is voluntary, without financial remuneration.

  • The Association does not cover travel and subsistence expenses.

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