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The group of medical volunteers who traveled to Kolkata in 2011 with Dr. Bose, who is the pediatrician that visited the center at the same time, issued a calendar of vaccinations that initiated this project.

From Spain vaccination records are prepared in order to have a paper record of each child’s immunization schedule. With each dose, nurses will be updated and if children leave the center they can carry the information of their immunizations with them.

On 1 February 2013 the Act Award ceremony of the Repsol Foundation took place in Madrid. The association of Amigos de Calcuta was awarded a grant of 6,000 euros for the Immunization Campaign in Kobardanga.

On every trip to Kobardanga, the following activities will occur:

-Review of the immunization schedule for all children and the doses that remain

-Complete the immunizations recorded lists in Excel

-Train and ensure awareness amongst nurses in Kobardanga.

Total received from Repsol- 6,000 euros

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