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Sanitation project financed for ASUS (Alumni Association of the University of Salamanca)

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After receiving the support of the University of Salamanca, the Alumni Association and the Department of Cultural Activities of the University over the last two years since October 2013, we have been able to consolidate this relationship and start a new and exciting project.


The objectives of the Sanitation Project are:

  • To offset the costs of medical examinations of children in the Kobardanga Orphanage.

  • To perform the treatment and operations of two kids- Tapan Parua and Soumitra Santra.

  • To sustain the pharmaceutical expenditure and diagnostic tests.

  • To offer a salary to the pediatrician who will perform periodic check on the children in the orphanage.


Throughout the year, various events will be held to publicize the project and raise funds for the developments in Kolkata.

Events held to date

[Solidarity Market]

12 December 2013

[VIII Meeting “Sing”

Chocolate Solidarity]

14 December 2013

[Solidarity Market]

8 April 2014

[Bocata Solidarity]

C.E.I.P Stone Art Villamayor (Salamanca)

[Photography Exposition Faculty of Science Salamanca]

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