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South Asia

Second most populated country in the world

1240 million inhabitants

Growth rate of 1.3%

Life expectancy of 65.48 years

Literacy rate of 64.8%





When presented to us, the reality of this data milled in our heads… And maybe by chance, from foresight or from a dream that we wanted to realize we started Amigos de Calcuta. Not all members of Amigos de Calcuta have started for the same reason; or for even one single reason, but it is clear that this country became part of our lives. And today, India is deep within each of us and we feel it in our hearts.

It is a land that puts you to the test, that subjects you to the tyranny of their excesses, which breaks your schemes and makes you show your best and your worst self. It is a place to survive, live, laugh and mourn. It is easy to catch the enthusiasm of its people and its parsimony, its karma and agitation. It is a country of contrasts and opposites, light and shadows, smiles and tears, long silences and overwhelming noise, and of colors; infinite colors… And all this comes to you and transforms you, slowly without you even realizing it.

India whispers, speaks, and smiles…It appreciates you and helps you spread your sincerity. It implores you speechless…

In India, you are you with your doubts and limitations. And if you have to decide to commit yourself and become an active part of this human gear or to be a spectator, the choice is almost always to deliver and live among the people of India, live for them. Everything about the people of India is an invitation, with haunting eyes, spontaneous smiles, and humble hearts…

Therefore, the mainstay of why India is so enticing is because through it and its people, we have come to feel better about ourselves, making us better people.  



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