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Teaching Tools:

  • To encourage questions that invite reflection, seeking answers that the children have constructed in their own opinion.

  • To promote shared dialogue.

  • To offer a vision with different points of views (open activities).

  • To incorporate dynamic representation (Dynamic RPG).

The Building Blocks:

  1. Education equality- Objective: To promote a critical reflection about the principal causes of inequality, exclusion, and poverty. Discover actions to promote the equal opportunities for women, children, disabled persons, and persons belonging to SCs.

  2. Gender Inequality- Objective: To know that inequality exists and that it impedes women and children from having the same opportunities as men. Promote egalitarian relationships.

  3. Different Capabilities- Objective: Become aware of the discrimination faced by people with disabilities to promote coexistence from integration and respect.

  4. Caste- Objective: To understand the functioning of the structures and cultural and social organizations that generate inequality and exclusion.

The Pen Pal Program:

Explanation of the Program

  • Each student will have a brother/sister in India.

  • The pen pal is presented with a card giving the child’s name and a brief summary about the child.

  •  A mailbox is set up in the classroom and the children can write letters, drawings, or whatever they would like that the volunteers who travel to India in February can take for the corresponding children. Then the children in India can answer their pen pal (the same mailbox will be installed in Kobardanga).

  • There will be a digital meeting using Skype in March with the children of India, as they will have access during the Medical volunteers’ stay.

  • In June, we will end the year with a new digital meeting to discuss Xavier Raj traveling to Spain in alternate years.

  • We will propose family activities such as a solidarity party, flea market, etc.

For more information about the Education Program or the Pen Pal Program email us at

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